A startup doesn´t just look for employees. A startup looks for colleagues who work together for a cause.

Open position



A flat hierarchy throughout the company enables agile and flexible teams. Team members plan their work actively and independently. This requires reliable and responsible co-workers who prioritize goal achievement. Proactive employees, acting on their own initiative, bring new ideas to the company, happily taking ownership of the innovative process. These are the people we are looking for at Finnoq!


The Finnoq team is characterized by loyal and fair members who passionately  identify with the company’s vision, goals and work culture. Mutual trust is an utmost priority at Finnoq and contributes to our success.

Extra mile for success

The secret behind Finnoq's success is its team, adding value at every step of the way through combined strength, motivation and commitment. Every member of the team is ready to go that extra mile for Finnoq in realizing our goals!

Constant growth and learning

The Finnoq team sets ambitious goals. In order to offer our community the best product possible, we are constantly trudging on new and innovative paths. By possessing  a great interest in new technology and innovation, our team members are enthusiastic and willing to learn over time to funnel personal growth into holistic organizational achievement.

Colleagues as source of ideas

Finnoq draws on its team’s ingenuity and mindset toward new solutions for today and tomorrow. This means we appreciate and encourage colleagues who think outside the box, finding disruptive and new ways to solve problems. The open-minded founders of Finnoq make it possible for every voice to be heard and seen as a valuable source of transformative ideas.


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