Philip Steiner 

July 19, 2018

Florian... the CEO & Co-Founder, brought with him experience from the financial industry, an entrepreneurial spirit, and knowhow in technical concepts and blockchain technology. He understands end products and services, as well as delivering for the consumer. Florian is a visionary who sees four steps ahead of everyone.


...the COO & Co-Founder, having previously worked in sales and promotion, also carries with him a strong background in economics and entrepreneurship. His affable nature makes it easy for him to connect with the world, sharing the message of Finnoq and turning our ideas into realities with charm.

Patricia Wenigwieser...

...Patricia has a scientific background in engineering, and can see the big picture when it comes to new technologies. Her passion for blockchain technology and startup cultures became the basis for joining the Finnoq team as the first employee. She believes wholeheartedly in the protocol, and carries the daily, foundational work necessary for us all to be successful. In doing so, she has taken on the role of HR, PR, and communications within the company. She is the Swiss Army Knife of Finnoq.

Philip Steiner...

...ran into Florian and Georg at a kebab shop right below the old office in Linz. As an entrepreneur who once owned his own marketing company, he came aboard and hasn’t looked back since. With his skills in marketing management and operations, he takes the lead on executing market operations. His planning and coordinating skills are key to the long-term vision of connecting Finnoq to its ever-expanding audience.

Eszter Naghi...

...In the summer and fall of 2017, Finnoq struck again and hired Management Trainee Eszter to bolster the quickly-growing team. Eszter worked in project management issues, and realized that she had a knack for community management as well. When it made sense to do so, Florian and Georg went ahead and made her a full-time employee in community management.

Stefan Thallner...

...after meeting both Georg and Florian at a networking event, also stayed in touch and became a member of the team in February 2018 as Finnoq’s Lead Developer. As a former web developer and self-made IT service provider, Stefan has a keen knack for innovation and understanding the steps required to build an open-source, public blockchain. He spent all of 2014 at Oxford studying web technology and systems administration as part of his undergraduate degree in Computer Science. From there, he finished a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Pervasive Computing (UbiComp) at Johannes Kepler University in Linz. A self-starter with an intuitive comprehension of coding, Stefan’s will to test, troubleshoot, and verify the Finnoq protocol’s functionality is contagious for the rest of the team. His efforts inspire us all to stay hungry and accountable each day.

Alexander Berger...

...joined the cast in March 2018, adding primetime value in the domain of graphic design to the Finnoq team. He provides all the graphics for the Finnoq team in making our thoughts easily digestible for our global audience. Surrounding himself with great graphic designers in the Upper Austria area, Alexander is able to make the most out of every design. He brings vitality and exuberance to the Finnoq project through space, shape, and color.

William Perlmutter...

...after studying and working abroad for almost five years, William finally found his home at Finnoq in June. With a diverse educational and professional background encompassing politics, law, teaching, and editing, William is an idea machine when it comes to content. He enjoys meeting as many people as possible in the blockchain space through the “Finnoq Digital Lounge”, and is constantly chatting and writing in the office.

Suzana Jaramaz...

...after years of experience in  public relations, editing and marketing, Suzana joined the team in July. Contributing daily with a consummate perspective to the Finnoq way, she sees the world through the eyes of the reader and knows how to pump the brakes before the caravan starts going too fast. With her concise and easy approach to publishing, she cuts through the technicalities and finds the best way to communicate for audiences of all ages, invaluable when it comes to her role in the team for the content marketing.

Martin Walch...

...knowing that Finnoq will expand in the future, Finnoq employed the services of Martin to be a Human Resources Junior Manager. His vibrant character and willingness to go the extra mile for all of our human resource needs is evident. As Finnoq will continue employing international talent to be part of our journey, having dependable team members like Martin make the difference for our daily operations.

Smit Pandit... you’ve read up to this point, Stefan the codeslayer needs some horsepeople with whom he rides into the sunset. Enter Smit Pandit, stage center! Unconventional, inspiring and ready to learn, Smit understands what factors are at play for Finnoq. He plays a key role in the functioning of our web development and protocol. He sees his collective experiences as forming great opportunities to provide value to the world, believing strongly in the Finnoq’s ideology.

Jean-Laurent Wotton...

...putting the cherry on top of the sundae, entrepreneur and marketing champion Jean-Laurent Wotton joined the team this month as the Head of Marketing. Having previously worked at Badoo, Google and Eli Lilly in marketing, sales and project management, Jean-Laurent saw the “ boom”, the rise of tech giants, and now wants to take that next step into the blockchain space with Finnoq. Currently the Founder & CEO of WINKO games in Barcelona as well as Advisor for Actiwine out of Bordeaux, Jean-Laurent stays active in all that is tech, and understands the holistic viewpoint necessary to take Finnoq to the next level, from creating easy messages to growing our product.



So, this is the team so far!

We are working tirelessly to present to you a flawless protocol. By walking with us through the early stages of our project, we promise to give you our best every day with the purpose of helping you make those transformative decisions. Five more newcomers will join us until the start of September, at the starting point of our Token Sale. We look forward to giving you an update with soon. Until then, stay up to date and sign up on our social media and newsletter below.

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