William Perlmutter 

June 13, 2018


The wave of FinTech (financial technology) enterprises hath arisen, shifting a long-sought business model of “sell sell sell” towards optimal financial health of the customer; not least done through metadata and a community-based approach, FinTech is giving the customers what they want, leaving traditional financial service models in the rearview mirror. Perhaps even more importantly, FinTech can leverage Blockchain technology by use of a transparent and decentralized ledger - without a transaction intermediary - for digital payments. Thus, the FinTech business model gives consumers more bang for their buck while decreasing security risks and transaction costs. The future is now, and Finnoq’s protocol flows seamlessly into an industry which leaves much to be desired for the customer.


Finnoq-Fintech Company



For decades, advisory has sufficiently funnelled subjectivity into financial markets. By doing so, financial advice has become a function of an advisor’s key performance indicators and sales incentives within the firm. Although regulators have attempted to protect consumers from this commission-based system, the incentives a financial advisor receives are based on his or her selling performance, and not necessarily your yearly gains. By year’s end, you might have a portfolio of junk while your advisor might have a hefty bonus. Unfortunately, you as an investor must come to the market prepared with a certain financial literacy, or sniffing out pushy salespeople disguised as “Financial Advisors” becomes a challenge. Finnoq is harnessing the advice of Kushaan Shah by marrying the problem, not the solution. If you ask yourself “Why can’t I show up to the market with very little to no clue, and receive objective advice from trusted advisors?”, then keep reading because Finnoq is for you.

Protocol for crowdsourced opinions



The Finnoq protocol fundamentally changes the way we form opinions and take actions within financial markets. This is accomplished through a community-based approach, whereby opinions and actions are not only equal in power, but remain shielded and anonymous from all other market participants. We employ the wisdom of the crowd, a notion well-embraced by thought leaders such as James Surowiecki, Karl Mattingly, as well as Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson. Simply put, when participants influence each other, the technique fails. Thus, the protocol prioritizes the necessary preconditions to enable a true wisdom of the crowd to take place. Finnoq is able to consolidate individually conceived, unbiased opinions into optimal and quality financial advice for members of the community. The protocol’s result is human-centric swarm intelligence on the decentralized Blockchain, and is an incentive-based infrastructure which creates a supply and demand for financial advisory services. Thus, theoretic token economics are achieved, making Finnoq’s protocol a viable option for a FNQ Token as well as third-party services, modules, algorithms, and applications to be built atop the initial protocol.

Sounds exciting, don’t you think?

We sure do, and look forward to showing you the inner mechanics of how the system works in upcoming blogs. Until then, give us your unbiased wisdom here or on these channels, and let’s move the discussion forward to create the paradigm shift we are all looking for in financial markets.

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