Georg Felber 

June 1, 2018

During the panel discussion, Florian emphasized the importance of fully understanding ICO dynamics. In particular, differentiating between the quality of the team, product, and token become essential in determining and ICO’s potential and success. “Investing in an ICO is an investment in the token, and not particularly in the company,” he added, as the reality is clear that good companies with an ICO do not always have the use cases which would necessitate a token. Token economics is a vital component in determining whether one should engage in an ICO, an expertise of Florian.

ICO Pitch at the Pioneers´18 side event


Later, Florian pitched Finnoq in front of an audience at Graben30, a side event of Pioneers’18. The pitch lasted 5 minutes, and the audience was able to pose their questions about our company. Pioneers’18 was a great opportunity for Finnoq to raise awareness of its potential and expertise in providing a decentralized protocol for unbiased opinions on financial services in the future.

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