July 21, 2018
Jean-Laurent Wotton Google Alumni and former CMO of Badoo, takes the reins as Head of Marketing at Finnoq. The marketing team at Finnoq now rose to four professionals in operations, social media, and content marketing as well as public relations and communication.

Florian Kögl, CEO & Founder of Finnoq, said that his vision of Finnoq as a successful international company where professionals come together is becoming a reality. ''Through strategic planning and daily operations, we want to spread the word about what we are doing, our mission and vision, the Finnoq protocol, and the many benefits this will bring the world. Our marketing team has a huge role to play in that. We are so happy to have Jean-Laurent as Head of Marketing with his experience, personality and knowledge,” said Florian.

Jean-Laurent is Google Alumni and the former CMO of Badoo, and currently the Founder & CEO of WINKO games in Barcelona as well as Advisor for Actiwine out of Bordeaux. Jean-Laurent is known in the marketing world as a supporter of many successful startups. He was originally advising Finnoq for a brief period of time, but from now on, he is taking a more active role in the team and showing the world the confidence he has in Finnoq.
"I really love ambitious projects and Finnoq project can help everyone of us to make the best decisions. One of the examples is when someone wants to expand the business and can’t decide between developing a small shop or take a credit for the new one. That is when you need knowledgeable and honest collective statements - what the great team at Finnoq is building, and I am happy to be part of it", said Jean-Laurent.
The Finnoq marketing team with Jean-Laurent is already discussing marketing strategy and other directions of action, both short and long-term.


Jean-Laurent Wotton with Finnoq Team

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