Aug. 29, 2018

Representatives from 7Hauben, Musicbooking, Oktav, Symflower, Chatvisor, and SlideLizard shared their experiences as well as professional advice with the Finnoq team on tech industry matters, market situation, start-up challenges, and legal regulation.

We benefited greatly from the incubator program in the early stages right after Finnoq was founded. The Finnoq team had great mentors who taught us a lot about business operations, and it definitely knocked us into shape. But the most important reason why we felt that comfortable in Tech2b Incubator were our startup colleagues there. We shared our perspectives, pushed each other, had fun together, and became friends,” said Patricia Wenigwieser, Head of HR at Finnoq.


Tech2b Start-ups at Finnoq Headquarter

Johannes Sailer, the CEO of 7Hauben, said that he always feels inspired when he can share experiences or some business obstacles with others who went down the same path as he did.

"It is very nice for Finnoq to invite us to have a look at their new office. We could discuss here in a more-relaxed atmosphere about the bright side and drawbacks that we all are facing in the business world”, said Johannes.

Finnoq will continue to welcome other individuals, start-ups, companies, investors and community members in order to spread its vision of making better decisions for all.


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