Philip Steiner 

July 13, 2018

In order to spread its vision of creating a future where opinions are unbiased to allow better decisions for everyone, Finnoq is meeting more and more people who recognize the value of the Finnoq protocol. Exclusive crypto fund Blockchain i, will provide investment and support to collaborate with Finnoq. By bringing the future of unbiased and forgery-proof opinions for decision makers via swarm intelligence and wisdom of the crowd, the Blockchain i and Finnoq collaboration is a watershed moment.

Georg Felber, COO & Co-Founder of Finnoq is very satisfied of how things are moving forward and that the Finnoq protocol is receiving such substantial support.

“With Blockchain i we are not only gaining one of the top investors in the blockchain sector from Korea, but they will actively support us with their network to gain a foothold in the Asian region, and especially in Korea. We are very happy for that”, said Georg.
© Georg Felber, COO & Co-Founder of Finnoq

"Blockchain i" Fund invest just in great projects

The BLOCKCHAIN i Fund is already in partnership with well known partners like ICOLAB and DNA as well as investments in Hedera Hashgraph, Power Ledger, ICON, and Insureum.


Finnoq keep growing

The Finnoq team is growing from 10 employees to 19 professionals in crypto economics, token economics, development and marketing this summer. Leading up to the much-anticipated FNQ ICO, the Finnoq team is busy developing the protocol. Also, Finnoq’s COO and Co-Founder Georg Felber will be on the road in Asia and across Europe.

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